Elect Savannah Hensel for Hospital Commissioner

About me

My name is Savannah Hensel and I filed for Hospital Commissioner Pos.#5 to fight for Jefferson County residents who struggle to provide healthcare and a good life for their families. As a former caregiver, I understand the complex and inadequate resources we provide for uninsured or under-insured elders. As a working mom in the local healthcare and service industries, I know what it is like to worry about providing healthcare for my son. I am a third generation Jefferson County resident, as well as a student and  aspiring nurse, so I know what it is like to try to carve-out a life in this community without outside resources.  When elected, I will use these experiences to educate the board, and be a fresh and engaged voice for everyone.


I will advocate for programs and policies such as: Certified Nurse Assistant trainings for home caregivers, reinstatement of the Rural Areas OB/GYN Program and Community Health Data Board which were cut under my opponent’s watch, and mental health staffing for our most vulnerable ER visitors.  These programs are crucial for the health of our community.

Healthcare Gaps for Our Elders

Healthcare avoidance and debt hits our aging people the hardest.   I believe that you can measure the quality of a community by how it treats its elders, and here in Jefferson County, I will work in a leadership role to bring us up to speed.  Having worked in home and residential settings as a CNA, I understand the gaps in healthcare for uninsured or under-insured elderly community members.  It is time we gave our financially disadvantaged elders a voice.

Thank you

With your help, we can make a difference for people in our community who lack access to the political process.  My experience offers a fresh and timely perspective that will aid our Hospital District in serving all of our region.  I will do whatever I can to make sure the hard-working people of Jefferson County have access to the health care that they deserve, so we can have a healthy, thriving, diverse community.  A vote for me is a vote for change.

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